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About The Project

Voices of Vietnam is an organization dedicated to bearing witness to and recording the testimony of the thousands of Vietnamese women who were victims of systemic rape and sexual assault at the hands of South Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War. Through recording and sharing their stories of survival, we seek to generate greater awareness of what was done to these women and to help them get the apology they deserve.

We are also dedicated to raising the voices of these women to the government of South Korea, whose soldiers perpetrated these crimes. South Korea has never acknowledged the crimes its soldiers committed, has never issued a formal apology, and has never provided compensation to the women for their pain and suffering. As an organization, Voices of Vietnam seeks redress of these injustices.

Our website currently features the stories of 10 victims – including eight women who were raped by South Korean soldiers, one man who witnessed his mother’s assault at the age of 13, and one child born as a result of a rape. These children are known in Vietnam as the Con Lai Dai Han, or children of mixed blood.

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