DANG THI THAT – Voices of Vietnam


Dang Thi That was born in Binh Nghi, Tay Son, Binh Dinh. She is 65 years old and was 20 when the South Korean military came to Vietnam.

Unlike many women in Vietnam, Thi knew her attacker – who was a captain in the South Korean army. One day, when she was 20 and a 9th grade student, a soldier saw her in her village. He came to make her acquaintance two or three times. This soldier raped her.

She remembers him telling her that he must do it because he loved her. She was already in his arms and could not run away.

That’s life has been difficult since the assault and she is very angry about what happened to her. In her testimonial, she compares herself to “a frog at the bottom of a well” who can look up to see the light, but that no one will help her get justice for what happened to her.

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