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Ngo Thi Coi is 64 years old and lives in Phu Tuc, Krong Pa, Gia Lai.

Thi lived with her father while she was growing up. Her brother was older than her and was serving in the military far away from her home. One day, she was assaulted by a South Korean soldier while she was chopping firewood. She had a son from the assault.

She faced considerable social scorn after her assault. Her neighbors assumed that she had married a South Korean soldier because she had a son as a result of her rape. She eventually moved with her son to the new economic zone in Gia Lai to get a new start. Her son had to begin working when he was 8 in order to help support her and he did not receive an education.

She would like an apology from South Korea for what was done to her.

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