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Nguyen Thi Bach Tuyet grew up in Phu Cat, Binh Dinh. She is 60 years old. Today, she lives in Phu Tuc, Krong Pa, Gia Lai.

Tuyet’s home was close to the garbage dumpsite where the nearby South Korean Tiger Division military base deposited its trash. Her family owned a small tea shop where they served bananas, coconuts, and other drinks.

When Tuyet was 14 or 15, a soldier came to her parent’s tea shop and sexually assaulted her mother. After this assault, Tuyet’s father left her mother – who had become pregnant with a son as a result of it. Her mother passed away after Reunification from complications from asthma. Thi took responsibility for caring for her younger brother.

Tuyet was raped by another South Korean soldier at the teashop one day while her mother was out shopping. She also got pregnant from the assault and had a son of her own.

Tuyet married a Vietnamese man who, at first, accepted her child from the assault as his own. Later, he took to drinking and repeatedly beat her son from the assault when he got upset. Thi left her husband and took her own five children, and her younger brother, with her to the new economic zone in Gia Lai.

Tuyet would like an apology for what happened to her and her mother.

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