NGUYEN THI XIET – Voices of Vietnam


Nguyen Thi Xiet is 65 years old (66 in Vietnamese years). She lives in Ngoc Son, Ninh An, Khanh Hoa.

When she was younger, Xiet worked as a waitress for the American and South Korean militaries. One day, a South Korean soldier saw her and enticed her to follow him outside. He raped her. She was worried that if she said no, he would hit her. She got pregnant from the assault and faced tremendous social scorn after the assault. They called her a whore.

Xiet’s son could did not receive an education and still cannot read or write. Today, her son and his wife had a son of their own. He has a kidney condition that requires constant medical treatment.

She says that she is angry about what happened to her, but that she doesn’t know who to talk to about it. She feels like no one cares about what happened.

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