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Tran Van Ty is 45 years old. He grew up in Tuy Hoa in Phu Yen Province. He is one of the Con Lai Dai Han, or the children of mixed Vietnamese-South Korean blood.

His mother often spoke to him about what happened to her. A South Korean military officer raped his mother, who got pregnant from the assault. After she gave birth to the child, who was Ty’s sister, the officer was expelled from Vietnam. He returned some time later and, because his mother thought that she had become kind of his wife because of the rape, she had a second daughter with the soldier.

When the officer left the country for good, he told one of his subordinates to look after his “wife.” The subordinate then raped her. This man was Ty’s father.

Ty’s life was very difficult. He was beat up in school because of who his father was. He eventually fled to Ho Chi Minh City, where he lived for several years in parks and train stations. After a few years, he was able to enroll in university, where he studied journalism, and dedicated his life to helping children like him and women like his mother.

Today, Ty runs a successful travel agency and dedicates his spare time to distributing aid to the Con Lai Dai Han, their children, and their mothers. He has been able to raise money to send children to primary school and college and to build homes for women and families who have nothing. Often, he spends money that should be used for his family to help the underprivileged.

He is very angry about what happened to his mother and about the challenges the Con Lai Dai Han have had to endure. He would like the South Korean government to apologize for what happened and to step up to help the women and their families who have suffered so much because of what happened to them.

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